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3i consultants are time served engineers and have years of experience in working within different industry sectors. This is the secret to a good training instructor.

There are a lot of companies offering training and anybody can deliver a power point presentation but this is not the type of service that we offer.

Our training programmes are designed specifically for YOU, they are also designed to keep the student interested and alert.

We believe training is not just about us telling you information but it is in fact a partnership, we listen to you and your needs before we determine what is important to YOUR progression.

Training is an integral part of the service that we offer and even if we are not at your workplace delivering a training programme we are constantly advising people on what we are doing and how we go about doing it.

Our training programmes are designed for YOU, which is what makes our training flexible and unique.

We can generate training programmes for all applications, aimed at varying levels (introductions to techniques to advanced modules) which can be delivered at your place of work or at a convenient location that suits you.

Knowledge is the key to a successful programme, do not underestimate your return on training.

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