3i Condition Monitoring


Buildings and Furnaces

We have grouped buildings and furnaces together because although they are completely different applications we are in fact looking at similar fault paths.

So, what are we actually looking for in buildings and furnaces?

We are, in most cases, looking for a shorter conductive path, the shorter the path the hotter or colder the surface is going to be as the level of radiation intensity changes.

Thermography has become increasingly popular with building applications as regulations have changed. Thermography is now often considered as a vital and more preferred technique utilised for building “sign-off”.

Buildings can often be difficult to analyse due to structural and material differences. Environmental conditions also have a big impact on how accurate your final measurements are.

Taking these factors into account will greatly improve your precision. A trained thermographer should make all the necessary calculations and compensations for these variations.

Take a look at some of the typical results we can achieve

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